Winter draws on…and we love it!!

So the clocks have changed and it’s time to pull out those chunky knits, warm winter boots and enjoy snuggling by the fire! If you are like Katie, get crocheting, or like me enjoy a luscious mug of hot chocolate and listen to the wind whirling around outside! The best thing about this time of year for us though is getting into the kitchen and creating all those indulgent festive products we’ve been developing ready for our string of Christmas events we’ve got coming up. We love using old recipes we’ve picked up from our family recipe book and incorporating some of these flavours into our products! We are looking forward to this weekend as it sees the start of an exciting regular farmers market at St Fagans Welsh museum. There will be a wide range of lovely products on offer, we will personally be showcasing some of our Winter 2014 products there including our Mulled Marshmallow and our Christmas pud truffles! Winter tip of the week: soak your fruit ready for the all important Christmas cake/puds!!